M Clinic Services

M Clinic provides cheap, confidential, non-judgemental HIV/STI testing, treatment and associated services for Men who have sex with men, Trans-People and Non-Binary People who have sex with each other,  in a casual and relaxed environment. Our service has evolved to become one that host clients of diverse sexuality and gender, however we will not ask of your sexuality on our intake forms because we understand that sexuality evolves over time and differs for every person. Rather, we will ask about who you have sex with to ascertain your eligibility to access the service. We do, however, ask about assigned gender at birth, current identifying gender, and if you are intersex. We also ask if you’ve had bottom surgery if you are a trans-person. This is because we want to ensure we order the right investigations for your sexual health test.

It is necessary to have an appointment to test at the M Clinic. Call us on 9227 0734 for appointments.

Services Provided at M Clinic:

STI screening for:


As part of HIV/STI screening we can provide the following vaccinations:

Peer Education

Sexual health educators are available to see clients for informal sessions to discuss STIs, HIV and sexual practices – all in the context of risk reduction and staying safe.

Sauna Clinic

M Clinic offers weekly free HIV/STI testing for men who have sex with men at Perth Steamworks.