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Gender affirming care

M Clinic is excited to introduce a new service for our trans, gender diverse and non-binary communities, with our Gender Affirming Care Clinic now open! This is a privately operated initiative supported and funded by WAAC to contribute to the medical affirmation needs of the community.

If you are transitioning, thinking about transitioning, or just have questions about sexuality and gender, we are able to help start your journey in the right direction, or if you are looking for a sexual health clinic, then you are always welcome with us!

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Booking an appointment

Our Gender Affirming Care Clinic requires a referral from your GP to see our Sexual Health Physician; Dr. Joseph Cotter (he/him). We use the Informed Consent model for gender-affirming care. With this in mind, you will be required to read through and sign consent forms prior to starting hormone replacement therapy (HRT). As we are trying to grow our service, one other doctor from our clinic may sit in on your consult.

After your initial consult we will collect some samples (blood and urine) and we will also measure your height, weight and blood pressure.

For clients with Medicare

If you have Medicare, your name assigned at birth will be used on your pathology request forms. This is to link your pathology samples with your Medicare details so you can receive a Medicare rebate. If you change your Medicare card details please let us know so we can update them. 

Please ensure your correct bank details are linked with your Medicare card so you will receive your Medicare rebate,

For clients without Medicare

If you do not have Medicare you will be billed the pathology costs for Gender Affirming Care related items. If you have standard or above insurance you can claim up to 85% back from your pathology costs. M Clinic will provide the necessary receipts and invoices for claiming.

Please see the diagrams below for the typical pathway for feminising HRT, and masculinising HRT with injectable testosterone undecanoate (Reandron) at M Clinic’s Gender Clinic. Other testosterone preparations are available and can be discussed during consultation with our doctor to suit individual needs.

Appointment structure for Feminising HRT
Appointment structure for Masculinising HRT

How to be referred

Our Gender Clinic Referral Form may be downloaded here.

Gender Clinic Referral Forms are to be emailed to: genderclinic@waac.com.au

In the body of the referral letter, your GP must state that you (the client) are being referred to Dr. Joseph Cotter and that you are seeking gender-affirming care. Please ensure that any history that is relevant to your gender-affirming care is noted on the Gender Clinic Referral Form that your GP completes. Where possible, ask that your GP states on the referral that it is an “indefinite referral”.

We will contact you after we have received and reviewed your referral to help book you in for your first appointment. 

Please note that:

  • All initial consults are face to face
  • We only see clients who are over 18 years of age
  • We cannot provide Mental Health Care plans
  • We cannot provide any surgical affirmation procedures (however we can provide supporting documents)
  • We require a current GP Gender Clinic Referral Form (can be an indefinite referral) in order to book you in

Our Gender Affirming Care clinic operates on:

  • Mondays – 9.30am – 3pm
  • Wednesdays – 9.30am to 3pm
  • Fridays from – 9.30pm to 2pm

What are the costs

There is an upfront cost for your appointment, followed by the Medicare rebate.  All consults have an out of pocket (gap) fee of $75. 

Type of appointmentUpfront consult costConsult cost (after Medicare)Pathology cost (non-Medicare)
Initial consult$325.65$75$225 to $227
Initial follow-up$193.00$75$121 to $147
3-month follow-up$200.55$75$121 to $147

Our gender affirming care clinic is a private billing clinic. We are not able to bulk bill. Due to our waitlist, we charge a non-attendance fee of $75. Please let us know a day in advance if you cannot make your appointment so we can give this slot to another client. If you miss your appointment this will delay your commencement of HRT.

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