Supporting the sexual health of men who have sex with men, trans people & non-binary people

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M Clinic is an appointment-only clinic which provides, confidential, non-judgmental STI, HIV, and BBV testing & treatment for men who have sex with men, trans people and non-binary people.

LinQ Medical is our Medicare-billing PrEP-prescribing service within the M Clinic premises, for people of diverse sexuality and gender. This service prescribes PrEP to anyone who is at risk of acquiring HIV.  To find out more please visit our LinQ Medical page. 

We do offer interpreter services free of charge! If you need an interpreter please let us know in advance and we can book one for you!

There are two ways to book an appointment with us:

Online Booking if you have no symptoms and want to have a sexual health consultation, vaccination appointment or peer discussion.  

Call Us if you have symptoms, if you are a contact of an STI, or if you want to book in for a PrEP appointment at LinQ Medical. 


Safety of Staff and Clients at the M Clinic

Hello everyone, We like to think of the M Clinic as a welcoming and inclusive environment where you can feel free and safe enough to express your true self. Recently, we have seen clients of the service as well as our outreach clinics sexually harass our staff. This is absolutely not ok and will not…

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International Non-Binary Day

The 14th of July is International Non-Binary Day! To all of our Non-Binary clients, thank you for attending our service! We are working on becoming more non-binary inclusive so if you enjoy the service or if you have some feedback for us, please email For those of you that are not aware of what…

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LGBTI Domestic Violence Awareness Day

Statistics show 62% of LGBTQI people have experienced domestic violence in their relationship. However, LGBTQI people are less likely to report it and get help. Today marks LGBTQI Domestic Violence Awareness Day – an initiative from a QLD Police Officer who has seen the impacts first hand in work and personal life: “LGBTQI people are…

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