M Clinic stocks personal lubricant and condoms of various sizes. As WAAC bulk orders condoms and lubricant we can sell these at discounted prices. We stock three different sizes of latex condoms and water based lube from SAX healthcare.

Water based lube can be used with glass, silicone and metal sex toys, latex and non-latex condoms, and for condom-less sex. Lubricants reduce the likelihood of friction tears occurring during sex, reducing injury and the likelihood of transmission of STIs.

We stock SAX Condoms in three sizes: 53mm, 56mm and 60mm. Before buying condoms for yourself it is best to have an idea of what size of condom will fit best, to ensure that the condom does not slip off (too loose) or break (which can be caused by the condom being too tight). To get an idea of what size fits, check out Spafe’s condom size guide.