Living With HIV

HIV Management Options in WA

There are numerous options for HIV management in WA, including s100 Prescribing GPs in the Perth Metro region, and Public Hospital services. Contact the WA AIDS Council (08) 9482 0000 for more information.

WA AIDS Council

Comprehensive services for people living with HIV (and their support networks, including family, partner/s, et cetera), including:
SHAPE and Case Management: Case Managers and SHAPE Officers provide practical, physical and emotional care and support for people living with HIV, their families, carers and partners.
HIV Positive Peer Educator: One on one phone or face to face peer education with a HIV positive peer, including support around a new diagnosis, healthy living with HIV, information and education, referrals for HIV friendly services, socio-legal concerns, holistic health advice, negotiating sex and relationships, along with anything else you might need support with! This service is completely free.
Counselling Services: The Counsellors are experienced in assisting clients to address a range of issues including sexuality, gender issues, relationships, behaviour change, sexual health and living with HIV. This service operates on a sliding scale depending on your income range, although sessions can be wavered at the discretion of the counsellor.
Workshops, Forums & Activities: A range of activities are held on a regular basis for people living with HIV. These are variously aimed at empowering people living with HIV, providing information and support, and facilitating friendly and safe social events.
NAPWHA Representatives: In WA, the voice of PLHIV (People living with HIV) into the local and national agenda’s is facilitated through a model consisting of 2 elected representatives within the PLHIV community, and the facilitation of Community Forums for PLHIV to network and liaise on current and future priorities, to communicate to and from NAPWHA.
Complementary Therapies: Information and access to complementary therapies for people living with HIV.

Other AIDS Councils in Australia

Thorne Harbour Health:
AIDS Council of NSW (ACON):
Northern Territory AIDS & Hepatitis Council (NTAHC):
AIDS Action Council (AAC):
Queensland AIDS Council (QuAC):
Tasmanian Council on AIDS, Hepatitis & Related Diseases (TasCAHRD):


MyLife+ empowers people with HIV to take control of their health and wellbeing, and manage their overall quality of life. This free application has been created in collaboration between NAPWHA (below) and ViiV Healthcare.


PARTNER Study: ZERO Transmissions

Published to coincide with AIDS 2016, and also presented at the conference, the PARTNER study results showing the impact of HIV treatment (ART) on reducing transmission will benefit millions of people globally.


Your Body Blueprint: For HIV and Healthy Living

This site has been designed to provide accessible, clear information to assist you to make informed decisions on how you can lead healthier lives. It explains the various important body systems that can be affected by HIV infection and anti-HIV treatments, and the health benefits that can be achieved by taking action now. It also explains how different areas of your social life can have an impact on your health, and gives some tips to consider.


National Association of People Living With HIV Australia (NAPWHA)

NAPWHA provides advocacy, policy, health promotion, effective representation, and outreach on a national level. Its work includes a range of health and education initiatives that promote the highest quality standard of care for HIV-positive people. NAPWHA also contributes to clinical and social research into the incidence, impact and management of HIV.

Quarterly Magazine:

The Institute of Many (TIM)

The Institute of Many (TIM) is a peer-run group for HIV positive people. Acting as a social umbrella and advocacy platform, we bring HIV positive people together to share their experience of living with HIV in an informal, confidential environment- in person and online. There is a closed Facebook group available to join for people living with HIV. Check out their website for information.


Turning Tina is TIM’s harm reduction resource for gay, bi, trans men living with HIV who use crystal meth AKA tina.

Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDI)

The Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDI™) offers people living with HIV the opportunity to develop skills for leadership and resilience.


Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO)

The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) is the national federation for the HIV community response. We provide leadership, coordination and support to the Australia’s policy, advocacy and health promotion response to HIV/AIDS.

HIV Australia Magazine:

HIV/AIDS Legal Centre (HALC)

The HIV AIDS Legal Centre (HALC) is a not-for-profit, specialist community legal centre, and the only one of its kind in Australia. As lawyers we tackle the severe stigma and discrimination that remains associated with HIV, and provide specialist support to deal with the particular issues that HIV and the law create.



TouchBase is a national website providing information on alcohol and drug use as well as mental health and sexual health for LGBTI communities. Touchbase also has specific alcohol and substance information relating to antiretroviral medication and for people living HIV.


Liverpool HIV Drug Interaction Checker

The University of Liverpool has a comprehensive drug interaction checker for HIV medication. You can check the effect that many different types of medications and substances, including recreational substances, complementary therapies, and over the counter medications to make sure it is not having an adverse effect on your antiretroviral medication. There is also a free app.


Queensland Positive People (QPP)

QPP is a peer-based advocacy organisation which is committed to actively promoting  self-determination and empowerment for all people living with HIV (PLHIV) throughout Queensland. People shouldn’t have to deal with HIV on their own. Many PLHIV face similar issues, so it makes sense to share these experiences.


Living Positive Victoria

Living Positive Victoria is a not for profit, community based organisation representing all people living with HIV in Victoria since 1988 and is committed to the advancement of human rights and wellbeing of all people living with HIV.


Positive Life NSW

Positive Life NSW is a non-profit community-based organisation. We work to promote a positive image of people living with and affected by HIV with the aim of eliminating prejudice, isolation, stigma and discrimination. We provide information and targeted referrals, and advocate to change systems and practices that discriminate against people with HIV, our friends, family and carers in NSW.