M Clinic has introduced a fee of $15 for some appointments. This fee will be waived for clients that meet the criteria for low income, including healthcare card holders, students, pensioners and people with an income of less than $30,000 per year.

Please note that our LinQ Medical PrEP consults have a different fee structure

Why has M Clinic introduced a fee?

The number of clients the Clinic sees continues to increase.  In the past year we have provided over 4100 appointments, and demand for services is in excess of what we can provide with our funding. To avoid a deficit and to continue to provide quality, confidential services to clients we have introduced a fee.

What appointments attract a $15 charge?

A new episode of care; e.g., attending M Clinic for a routine test, or to see a doctor if you have symptoms. However, if you attended M Clinic for a routine screen, and subsequently had a positive results and needed to return to the clinic for treatment, your treatment appointment would be free as it is part of the existing episode of care. You will also not pay a fee for any follow-up testing required after an initial routine testing appointment, such as window period testing or recollection of samples.

Appointment TypeFee - StandardFee - Low Income
Routine Test$15-
Symptomatic Test (Including Treatment)$15-
Window Period Test--
Treatment from a positive test result at M Clinic--
Follow-up testing after a positive or indeterminate results--
Peer Education Session$15-

Please note, multiple services can be provided in one consultation (such as a symptomatic screen, vaccination and pre-emptive treatment) – these will only generate a maximum fee of $15 for the consultation.

Non-Attendance fee

If you can’t attend an appointment and fail to cancel it you will be charged $15 payable prior to your next appointment.

What is still free?

The following are still free at M Clinic:

  • Pathology tests
  • Antibiotics
  • Hepatitis A/B Vaccinations
  • HPV Vaccinations (Gardasil) if you are 27 and under