Covid-19 & Testing at M Clinic

M Clinic now offers telephone consults for all routine testing clients and PrEP appointments. If you do not have a Medicare card please book an in person appointment for sample collection in the clinic.

For telephone consults we will call around your appointment time from a private number, conduct the consult over the phone and can provide a pathology form for testing. 

  • Please note appointment fees are as normal. Billing will be conducted over the phone after the consultation for telephone consults.
  • Please note we will be calling from a private number around the allotted appointment time. 
  • If you have CV-19 symptoms we will require a negative CV-19 test before we can see you.

 If you are attending the clinic for sample collection:

  • If you are experiencing any CV-19 symptoms, including throat symptoms, we will require a recent negative CV-19 test result before we can see you (please see Healthdirect for more information).
  • Do not bring friends or partners to your in-person appointment.
  • Wear a mask (a surgical mask is preferred over cloth).
  • Please attend your appointment on time, do not arrive early.

Please click here for a list of Pathwest collection centres around Western Australia.