PrEP Specimen Collection

As of the 1st of April, with our PrEP Clinic, we require that you have your specimens collected in advance if you are attending for your regular three-monthly PrEP follow-up. This is so the doctors can use your most current HIV and renal function results to determine your eligibility for PrEP.

Please note that if you are starting PrEP for the first time this does not apply to you and we will collect your specimens in clinic. 

We will send out SMS reminders 14 days prior to your appointment to collect your PrEP specimens at your local PathWest Collection Centre. Failure to do so may result in you not receiving your script on the day of your appointment. It is best that you have your specimens collected 7-14 days before your appointment, hence the SMS reminder.

With the urine sample, it is ideal that you collect the first pass urine as soon as you wake up. The best thing to do is to go to your local PathWest Collection Centre as early in the morning as you can. If it is not possible that is OK. We have found that people have inaccurate renal function results when urine is collected later in the day.

Otherwise you can have all of your specimens collected at your local PathWest Collection Centre, which is listed on the back of the request form. If you’ve lost your request form then give us a call and we can email you a new one.

When you attend for your PrEP appointment, the doctor will just review the results of the specimens you have collected, ask questions on your sexual practices and your compliance to PrEP and be able to provide you with a script!


Please note that Medicare has not renewed the GP Telehealth MBS Items and therefore if you want to have a phone consult you can pay the full fee but you will not receive a Medicare rebate. 

You will still continue to get Medicare rebates if you attend in person, as long as you continue to be eligible for Medicare.


Specimen Collection Instructions