M Clinic’s New Location


The M Clinic and the PrEP Clinic will be moving and operating out of 2 Clive Street West Perth from the 1st of March 2021. 

We are moving because our lease is up and we are in need of a bigger building!

We will continue to operate out of 548 Newcastle Street West Perth until the 26th of February 2021. 

Our phone number, fax number and email addresses will remain the same so you can continue to call us.

All appointment reminders will include the new address of the M Clinic so you know where to attend for your appointment!


How to get to 2 Clive Street

2 Clive Street, West Perth is accessible by car and public transport:

  1. Clive Street is a one way road with entry being from Colin Street in West Perth. We are the second building on the right! There is street parking along Clive Street, Colin Street and Murray Street. If you can’t find street parking there is CPP parking on Wellington Street.
  2. You can catch the train to City West Station and walk 300 metres to get to 2 Clive Street.
  3. You can take the Yellow CAT bus to Colin Street Stop 19 or the Green Cat bus to Colin Street/Hay Street Stop 7 and Stop 15.