For Health Professionals

Do you have a client who classifies as men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM)? Here is a guide on how often MSM should be testing:

STI/HIV Testing Guidelines for Asymptomatic Men who have Sex with Men


If you believe that they would greatly benefit from the M Clinic service, or if you believe they should be on PrEP and require the LinQ Medical service, then download and send the referral form to

M Clinic Referral Form

Please be mindful and refer to the disclaimer regarding confidentiality of clients.


If you have a client that has been treated for syphilis, they are required to be followed up at the diagnosing GP, as per the ASHM STI Management Guidelines.

If for some reason that is not possible, you need to call the practice manager at 9227 0734 to discuss a plan of action.


If you have a person that has come in as a contact of syphilis, you have the ability to treat them. By pre-emptively treating all contacts, we can then reduce the overall rates of syphilis in the Perth metro area, which have been steadily increasing since 2014. Please refer to the following resource in how to manage contacts of syphilis, which also includes a downloadable resource:

Management of syphilis contacts for GPs