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Friendly Staff

“The staff are very friendly and make me feel very comfortable about getting testing regularly. I would probably not get tested if it was not for the M Clinic. The M Clinic is the first and only place I ever went to get tested! Before that I was scared to go get tested because of disclosing intimate topics with a GP.”


“Staff are very welcoming and non-judgemental. I felt very comfortable in giving details because of the overall professional but friendly approach from all the staff. I think this is such an amazing public health initiative for men to be able to have STI testing in a friendly non-judgemental environment. The staff are to be complimented.”

I Feel Safe

“Very detailed and nothing is missed. I especially love the service received and the joys of laughing with everyone there! I feel safe that as a gay man I have a place where people understand the sexual activity that we engage in and the sensitivity that we face.”

Married Man

“It’s the first time I’ve had to be tested due to concern, rather than just as a routine check. I’m a married man and therefore have no-one to talk to about my worries. The staff at M Clinic not only ran my tests, but listened and gave sympathy and great advice. They told that there is always someone there for me to talk to, and I was really touched by their concern for me. M Clinic – I can’t thank you enough.”

Homely Environment

“All staff are extremely friendly, and they create a very homely environment which helps if you are receiving news of being positive for something. They are also very willing to help and answer any questions that you might have.”

When I was Diagnosed

“I recently experienced a life changing event and want to share it with you. I was diagnosed with HIV which was a scary experience for me. In particular I want to share my positive experience at the M Clinic where I tested.

I had put off testing because I didn’t like having to pay to see a GP plus they would send me to another clinic to have my blood taken. When I heard about the M Clinic I felt comfortable to go for a test.
I had taken a few risks in the past but I somehow never thought I would contract HIV. When I was given my diagnosis the staff took great care of me right through the whole process. They spent lots of time with me making sure I was OK.

I am very appreciative of the support and care the M Clinic team gave me and highly recommend testing there.”