PrEP on the PBS

As of the 1st of April, 2018, PrEP will be available on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. This means that after getting a script for PrEP from a doctor, you can purchase your PrEP at a local pharmacy.

Check out the fact sheet we have developed to assist with navigating this process!

Here is a convenient list of the different ways to access PrEP, most of which require already having a script for PrEP.
Check out our list of doctors who we are familiar with in prescribing PrEP.

Australian Pharmacy (PBS)Requires a prescription.
Purchase PrEP at a local pharmacy (requires Medicare).
($6.40/month with concession)
PrEP on the PBS
Personal Importation (for people without Medicare)Requires a prescription.
Import generic medication from overseas pharmacies via Personal Importation Scheme.
See links for more information.PrEP Access Now (PAN)
PrEP Global

How to Get PrEP in WA Fact Sheet

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