LGBTI Domestic Violence Awareness Day

28/05/2020 Off By admin
Statistics show 62% of LGBTQI people have experienced domestic violence in their relationship. However, LGBTQI people are less likely to report it and get help.
Today marks LGBTQI Domestic Violence Awareness Day – an initiative from a QLD Police Officer who has seen the impacts first hand in work and personal life:
“LGBTQI people are less likely to see themselves as experiencing abuse or being a perpetrator if they cannot identify with the portrayed characteristics of domestic violence within the public eye. Therefore, they may also believe that there is no support available to them. There is often a belief that they won’t be taken seriously or believed by support services or police, or will not be treated appropriately or respectfully. Some people may also believe that domestic violence is only physical violence, when it is in fact a lot more.  It can be psychological, verbal, emotional, financial, social, cultural, stalking, digital or sexual,”
The #Imhereforyou campaign aims to:
  • Raise awareness of domestic violence within LGBTQI communities
  • ​Remember LGBTQI victims of domestic violence who have lost their lives
  • ​Recognise LGBTQI survivors
  • ​Support those LGBTQI people currently in an abusive relationship

So please, use the #Imhereforyou hashtag in your socials, seek out support and/or a safehaven if you are in trouble, and look out for your friends or family that might be experiencing domestic violence.

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