International Pronouns Day this 21st of October

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Hey everyone,

Today is International Pronouns Day!

Pronouns are words that are used instead of a noun or noun phrase. They are used to avoid continual repetition of a name. This makes them just as important as a person’s name. Pronouns can include she/her, he/him, they/them, ze/hir, ze/zir among others.

Historically people have assumed people’s pronouns based on how they look, present and act. This subscribe to the binary notion of gender and disregards transgender and gender diverse people.

It is important to note that pronouns are individual to the person themselves and it is important to ask them what their pronouns are. More and more people are including their pronouns in their email signature but for people that don’t, using they/them is a safe pronoun and it is not gendered.

I know I am actively utilising they/them pronouns in conversation more and more, particularly when talking about people who I don’t know their pronouns. Pronouns are just as important as names – you wouldn’t like it if someone constantly got your name wrong! It is difficult to change your language but by doing so you are respecting transgender and gender diverse people.

At the M Clinic and LinQ, we have recently updated our Practice Management Software to one that includes multiple gender identities and pronoun options. Unfortunately there is no free text option for either but we have the capacity to free-text in other sections of the client’s record indicating gender identities and pronouns not listed. If you are interested in having Practice Management Software with this capability please visit here: 

Use the hashtag #pronounsday and follow International Pronouns Day on social media, whether Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



Joe Staniszewski

Practice Manager + CNC at M Clinic