COVID19 Lockdown in Perth

31/01/2021 Off By admin

Hello everyone,

The M Clinic is deemed an essential service and so we will continue to be operational. We are working at half our capacity due to splitting our staff into two teams, therefore we will only be open for essential appointments.

Essential appointments include:

  1. Sexual health symptomatic appointments
  2. Contacts of an STI
  3. Results and treatments for an STI
  4. Vaccinations
  5. PrEP appointments (Telehealth is preferred and will involve pathology request forms and scripts being mailed out to your address)

That means all non-essential appointments from 1st of February to 5th of February 2021 will be cancelled. You can call the M Clinic during operating hours in the coming week to reschedule.

Non-essential appointments include:

  1. Asymptomatic/Regular Sexual Health Testing
  2. Peer education sessions

To those that are attending the M Clinic, it is important to consider the following:

  1. If you have any symptoms of COVID19 which includes cough, sore throat, runny nose, loss of sense of taste or smell, then it is important that you do not attend the M Clinic and that you  get tested at your local COVID19 centre. 
  2. If you have attended any of the locations that have been highlighted in the press release, then you should get tested at your local COVID19 centre. 
  3. Wearing masks is mandatory so please ensure you are wearing a mask when you attend the clinic.
  4. The door will be locked and you will have to knock and answer a COVID-19 questionnare prior to entering.

Thank you everyone and I hope we can get through this lockdown!