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PrEP is still on the PBS!

11/05/2020 Off

Hello everyone! We’ve had a number of people say that their pharmacists have told them PrEP is no longer on the PBS and that they have to pay $170 a bottle to continue taking PrEP. We just want to let you know that PrEP is still on the PBS and you can still get it…

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PrEP and COVID-19

26/03/2020 Off

Hey all. If you have questions about taking PrEP in the midst of COVID-19, this post by Get PrEPD may answer your questions: Some people have asked if they can stop taking PrEP if they are no longer having sex as part of social distancing… Posted by Get PrEPD on Tuesday, 24 March 2020

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COVID-19 and Casual Sex

20/03/2020 Off

Hey everyone, Thorne Harbour Health has made a resource regarding casual sex in these times. Please click here CORONAVIRUS_SEX_INFO_SHEET for a printer-friendly version. Sex, intimacy and coronavirus How does COVID-19 (coronavirus) spread? COVID-19, a disease caused by coronavirus, spreads mostly from person-to-person contact through viral particles dispersed through the mouth by coughing, sneezing, laughing, singing or…

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20/03/2020 COVID-19 Update

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Hello everyone, In light of the evidence of community transmission of COVID-19, we have had to cancel non-essential appointments today to limit the traffic of clients entering the clinic. If you urgently need to be seen please call the clinic to speak to a nurse. We are also accepting no more non-essential appointments as of Monday the…

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17/03/2020 COVID-19 Update

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Hello everyone, The M Clinic strives to ensure that the health and well-being of our clientele is maintained. To ensure social distancing is maintained, we will be restricting the number of clients in reception at any one time. If you are attending the PrEP clinic (especially on Wednesdays), you may receive a text to ask you to…

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COVID-19 Update

12/03/2020 Off

Hello everyone, In light of recent events we have had to take additional precuations to protect our staff and other clients: We have temporarily shut down our online booking system. This does not affect you if you’ve already booked an appointment with us online. If you wish to book an appointment at M Clinic or…

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Changes to Rapid HIV Testing at M Clinic

24/01/2020 Off

As of the 27th of January we will no longer be providing Rapid HIV testing (using the Alere Determine HIV tests) at the M Clinic. Instead, we will solely be selling HIV Self Tests (ATOMO) at the M Clinic. This is to avoid duplication of services as the ATOMO tests serve the same function.  The HIV Self…

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The Buddy Initiative

09/01/2020 Off

This initiative is a peer-based program aiming to unite people living with HIV (PLHIV) to share and support one another. As a Buddy you will be trained on current issues surrounding HIV/AIDS, STIs, disease progression, co-morbidities, mental health, AoD, ageing and self-care. You will be a source of information and referral for a PLHIV who is…

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Sauna Clinic now on Tuesdays 2pm – 4pm

06/01/2020 Off

As of the 7th of January 2020 we will have our drop in clinic at Perth Steamworks operating on a Tuesday from 2pm until 4pm, instead of a Thursday. You don’t have to be a Perth Steamworks customer to attend – just let the front desk know that you are just in for a sexual…

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