Online Booking

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M Clinic now offers a 24/7 online booking system for your convenience.

Whether you are an existing client or New to the M Clinic you can book online.

The online booking system is for asymptomatic (No symptoms) appointments. If you have any symptoms, you must call us on 9227 0734 to book over the phone.  If you book online and present with symptoms, we may not have the capacity for any examination or treatment, so you would likely have to come back another time.

Booking vaccination appointments – If you have been to the M Clinic before and have either started to receive a vaccination course, or have been told there is a vaccination for you, you can book your vaccination appointment online. Please note different vaccinations follow different time schedules, so if you are unsure when is best to book in, please call us at 9227 0734.

Click here to book online

For even quicker service complete all the required forms beforehand.  Click on the “Pre-test check in” tab. Print and fill out forms and bring in with you.